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Terry Pratchett

I smiled when I heard that Terry Pratchett had passed away.  I don’t think that any writer has made me laugh out loud as much as he has.  It was followed by sadness, as I truly had a sense that he understood what was going on in between my ears. I feel that I’ve lost […]

Collecting your Diary

A couple of things conspired to make me think it was time to make sure that I’m capturing and keeping my own data.  I’ve been keeping a self hosted WordPress site for many years, but frankly, rarely update it.  I tend to think of it as appropriate for long form writing with no actual audience.  […]

When is a $5M fine not much of a deterent?

So if I remember correctly, Morgan Stanley decided to increase the IPO at the 11th hour. Lots of concerns at the time that the growth wouldn’t support the valuation, but the problem was, the private equity market had already been completely invested and had driven up even higher than that. So do you let the […]

Social Photography

I downloaded the Facebook camera app today and was impressed. It is clean and fast.  I had found the actual Facebook app for the iPhone and iPad to be pretty confusing. This app is a dramatic improvement. Rather than try to be all things Facebook, this app focuses on pictures being shared by your friends […]

The Old Church

It snowed yesterday, so I thought that would give me a good opportunity to go out and experiment with some HDR and other processing techniques for expanded range.  I thought that the combination of the snow and the textures of the old church would work well. I am a Deacon at Newtown Presbyterian Church.  Our […]

Using portals for supply chain agility

I got a note from a former colleague, Bob Foster, asking me to take a look at a recent blog post that he’d written.  Knowing how hard it is to get good conversations going, I was happy to oblige. Bob wrote a post “Optimizing the Service Supply Chain using Portals”.  I read through his post, […]

I don’t mind saying I’m worried

Two things have happened over the last couple of weeks that really got my attention.  The first was someone in Greece hacking into my PayPal account which caused $200 to be pulled out of my bank account. I hadn’t really given much thought to having my bank account tied to Paypal. The incident got me […]

Why are Google’s commercial systems so bad?

I have just been rejected for a Google program that they invited me to join, I wanted to join, and my participation would have made them money.   They called me at odd hours to validate, I returned their calls, left voice mails, but then they said that I didn’t respond and rejected me.  A powerfully […]


I was honored to participate as part of a panel on mentoring as part of the Lehigh MBA day program. My fellow panelists were Christopher Greene, from Brocade and Anthony Durante, from B.Braun.  Both had very different experiences from each other, as well as, from my own.  Christopher started as a classical musician, which has […]

Something Old, Something New…

I attended Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona.  I was struck by the blending of old and new together. Typically, when people ask me “What was <some exotic place> like?”, I have to answer that it looked like an airport, taxi ride, hotel room, and an exhibition center.  This was my first trip to Barcelona, […]