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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-16

  • @mturner Definitely got a funky DM. Fortunately the content was pretty silly. ie: "someone on facebook just …" in reply to mturner #
  • @JHAudio I will check out your website. I have some experience with in-ear monitoring #
  • @JHAudio I taught Englebert hand signals. #
  • @krobertory A new acronym twist. To me, CEM= customer experience management, What does it mean to you? I suspect it includes emergency. #
  • Sometimes the telecom world feels like one big long restructuring. Definitely deja-vu circa 2004. http://t.co/Su0wDvp6 #
  • @krobertory Exactly right. I have done some work on mobile apps for first responders, as well as, telecom networks, but have lots to learn. in reply to krobertory #
  • @AnthonyDurante I agree with you about integrity. The right thing is always pretty simple. in reply to AnthonyDurante #
  • @AnthonyDurante Ironic, trying to convince you of the value of metrics! Basically, I use Klout as a way to measure engagement and adjust. in reply to AnthonyDurante #
  • @AnthonyDurante I use #socmed both professionally and personally. I would say that LinkedIn and Twitter are almost exclusively professional in reply to AnthonyDurante #
  • @AnthonyDurante Facebook is mixed, family and high school, but also MBA cohorts like yourself and other professional contacts in reply to AnthonyDurante #
  • @AnthonyDurante Klout takes your engagement on twitter, facebook, soon LinkedIn, scores engagement, influence, and makes recommendations in reply to AnthonyDurante #
  • @AnthonyDurante – We should catch up, saw you were involved in some kind of MeetUp, please send details. Must crash now. Be well. #
  • Trying to help the best get better! (@ Verizon Wireless NYM HQ) [pic]: http://t.co/H2UFRUbX #
  • Talking about some exciting new network technology. NOT the iPhone5. Although the #LTE capabilities are cool. [pic]: http://t.co/vBzouUH7 #
  • @JamesCincy – I used to work for Convergys, great telecom IT heritage in Cincinatti #
  • Where magic happens. Smart people that really understand how networks work. #LTE #JDSU (@ JDSU) [pic]: http://t.co/BaacTDAN #
  • @pro4oto great photo blog. @dahtse should add you to the #tdp blog list #
  • @SteveGonzalez love the positive focus on fitness #
  • @Needimages looks like a nice service, referring you to @dahtse for inclusion in #tdp #
  • @bobegan agree with your concerns over LTE roaming. That's on top of being careful about limited plans to begin with #


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