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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-11

  • @JoseValles49 Thanks for following! Let me know if you have any questions about the mobile data experience. Please let me know. #
  • Wondering if the CarrierIQ backlash may set back progress towards improving the customer experience on mobile devices. http://t.co/chlsOoSL #
  • Talked last week with @teresacottam about how to improve the #data experience at events like the Olympics. Her article http://t.co/5LFBGFgW #
  • Rainy #WirelessWednesday @smcneiceyankee @fiercewireless @AmdocsDE @chetansharma @FCC #
  • @iamdanw The arrivals app is awesome. We build each other presents in our family. Can I get the code to load on my own server for my wife? #
  • @iamdanw I sent you an email, only because I didn't want to give my wife a present that may break later because of neglect. in reply to iamdanw #
  • Getting cleaned up for presentation in Bangkok next week. (@ Ben's Barber Shop) [pic]: http://t.co/rMtEDnAB #
  • Story on the Verizon 4G network outage. May not be RAN though, different 4G and 3G core infrastructure. http://t.co/gNlYRGwC #mobile #data #
  • @GlobalNowBob wrote a post that made me think about supply chain agility and how it should align with product lifecycle…. #
  • It looks like some members of congress are working on a better solution for the internet than SOPA, which I thought was problematic, to… #
  • @kimklarsen I really enjoyed the presentation on the challenges facing carriers in APAC. Would love to compare notes at some point. in reply to KimKLarsen #
  • A middle seat on a 21 hour flight for my sins http://t.co/obTElFpm #


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