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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-25

  • Heading over to Core Creek Park for the Libertae Bike Rally – Picnie & music – $5 all monies go to Libertae #
  • My @Klout score is 29. I improved it by 3 points over the past day! http://t.co/r7CpRJ3U #
  • Heading to Silicon Valley for meetings with Verizon Wireless, Facebook, and Enterprise Ireland
    http://t.co/SYqHcqoF #
  • Checking out Pentaho as a BI platform, any experiences? #
  • Oh brother, this is a real concern: Breaking the Internet: Researchers Successfully Hack SSL by @Dan_Rowinski http://t.co/5EIW0XGr via @RWW #
  • From VDC: Exent's Rick Marazzani on why content is now important for Verizon , feature, Exent news, PocketGamer.biz http://t.co/vohdTFpu #
  • I just connected my @klout account with Google+. Be one of the first to have Google+ added to your @klout! http://t.co/EPnhpbnw #
  • reserve your @gklst username at http://gkl.st/2 here is mine http://t.co/CaG4W3Qe #
  • Boarded flight to San Francisco, have meetings with Verizon Wireless, Nokia, Enterprise Ireland, and intend to crash F8. #FB #VZW #
  • At Gate early, hoping Yoga will not attract as much attention (@ San Francisco International Airport (SFO)) [pic]: http://t.co/AGPIsrHJ #


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