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Waking the Beast Without a Way to Control It

I was struck today by two seemingly unrelated stories today.  The first was an observation that Dropbox had been "incredibly tonedeaf" in adding Condaleeza Rice to their board given the NSA concerns.  The second story was about LinkedIn showing you open jobs at your own company.  There was some serious public blowback against Dropbox, such […]

Mobile Monday 2009 Peer Awards

The Mobile Peer Award winners of the 2009 edition were announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, this year’s winners were: Early stage MobileMonday Community Award – Babajob.com – MobileMonday Bangalore Early stage Audience Award – Orbster GmbH – MobileMonday Munich Early stage Jury Award – Babajob.com – MobileMonday Bangalore Emerging MobileMonday Community Award […]

Opening Networks Up

I was delighted to see that Kevin Werbach has been picked to co-lead the FCC Review for the Obama transition project.  I cannot think of a better person for the job.  I met Kevin sometime back in 2001 when he first came to Philadelphia.  Kevin had been editing Release 1.0 and had taken a faculty […]

Virtual Team Communications

Thanks to everyone that took the time to participate in the Lehigh University graduate survey on Virtual Team Communications.  We wound up getting more than enough responses to give us some good insight on how virtual teams are being used in business today. Today’s working environments are increasingly made up of work groups that are […]