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Show-biz flashbacks in Vegas

As I was leaving the CES show and heading towards my car, I was confronted with this traveling billboard.DSC00684

It reminded me of an evening many years ago, when I was attending the NAB show and was invited to see the fabulous Susan Anton and the Rockettes with Martin Noar. 

We went to the show, hoping to sell them an in-ear monitoring rig.  They had other plans, which involved us giving them one for free.  Before we understood what was up, we were put into the seats set aside for “royalty” right dead front, dead center.  We were then subject to a full court press designed to wow us.  The only thing that I really remember was a version of “It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that swing”, which was pretty much a self evident truth.

Much of the this year’s CES show for me was related to the mobile telecom industry becoming more involved in media and entertainment. Lots of excitement around this space, new revenue streams, etc.  All I can say was that this truck brought me back some memories of what I’ve been missing.


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