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Daily Worth – An interesting approach to financial IQ

I recently ran across Daily Worth, which has created a financial community for women.  The idea is to provide women with a useful resource to help them understand how to build wealth.  It was designed by and is intended  for bright and ambitious working women. 



While women play an increasingly important role in making money, many have a knowledge gap when it comes to finances and building wealth.  This can become a real problem, particularly if divorce, job loss, or other major life events happen.  And sooner or later, some of these things do happen. 

Delivered in crisp daily doses, Daily Worth provides genuine and intelligent financial advice.  It strikes me as a nice balance of content and reinforcement.  By that, I mean its one thing to make a New Year’s resolution, and quite another thing to stick to it all year.  For most of us, building up our net worth is a life long process. 



Looking at Daily Worth brought a few questions to mind.  Is a woman’s perspective on finance that different from a man’s?   I wondered how differences in math education affect financial intelligence.  I also wondered if community participation like this has an impact on actually changing behavior.  The best that I could think to do was to send trial copies to a bunch of women that I know and ask them for their comments and feedback on Daily Worth.

I’ll interested in following this along as it develops. 


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