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Cloud Storage Prices Reduction

256px-Cloud_computing_icon.svgAWS has dropped the pricing of their S3 and Glacier cloud storage by roughly 25%.  They’ve also taken the opportunity to simply and restructure their storage options.  S3, the standard cloud storage offer now has three pricing tiers depending upon your volume of usage.  Glacier is a cheaper storage for use (roughly a third of the cost) for use when your retrieval needs are not as urgent.  It is now offered in three models based upon your retrieval needs.   Glacier Standard allows you to get back your data typically within a couple of hours,  Expedited within minutes.  The third option is Bulk.

You can find more details about the storage price reductions.  The plan restructuring and Glacier changes make this a really good time to look at your object lifecycle management policies.  When you combine this price reduction with archival efficiencies, I think that 50% savings on cloud storage are a reasonable expectation. The good news is that you’re going to start saving on December 1, 2016 even if you don’t do anything.


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