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HTML5 Mobile Web Development

HTML5 first made my radar screen when Steve Jobs used it as the rationale for not including support for Adobe Flash on iPhones and iPads.  I had worked with a graphic typesetting programs that used font tagging before the first iteration of HTML. A good friend of mine, Chuck Musciano, wrote one of the first […]

Show-biz flashbacks in Vegas

As I was leaving the CES show and heading towards my car, I was confronted with this traveling billboard. It reminded me of an evening many years ago, when I was attending the NAB show and was invited to see the fabulous Susan Anton and the Rockettes with Martin Noar.  We went to the show, […]

Product of Collaboration–Motorola Xoom

So far the thing that I have liked the best at the CES show is the Motorola Xoom.    It is a tablet device.  I gave my wife Karen an iPad for Christmas, and I have definitely been envious of it.  I think that the timing for these types of devices is right now.  It was […]

An Embarrassing Start

The start to the CES keynote by Gary Shapiro, the President of CEA was pretty uncomfortable.  He started off by a pretty jingoistic launch focused on how America was the world’s best at innovating, because it’s our culture.  Then he said it wasn’t our culture and that the Democrats (and our President) were messing things […]

Mobile Design and Development– Starting from a Solid Foundation

I would recommend Mobile Design and Development to any business that uses internet technology and plans to be around for a while.  This book does a good job of laying out the facts to back that up. Brian Fling’s book does an excellent job of laying out the different design elements that need to be […]

My Top 16 Android Business Apps for the Road

As a sales executive in the technology industry, I spend a fair amount of time out on the road.    I have been pretty active in the mobile application space, so people often ask me what apps that I have on my phone.  Here are the apps on my home page right now. While I have […]

Verizon Wireless and Skype Got It Done!

Verizon Wireless and Skype announced at Mobile World Congress that they would be teaming together to offer Skype on many Verizon Wireless smart phones. I use both Verizon Wireless and Skype.  Verizon Wireless has a very reliable network.  Skype is a great application. Starting in March, I will be able to run Skype on my […]

Can a Society Be Too Smart for Its Own Good?

A twine showed up in my in-box this morning that shows Iran’s secret nuclear plant near Qum on Google Earth.  Twine is a pretty cool social news site that allows you to build a news reader network that uses both social and topical relevance to present news.  I like the concept, because that is closer […]

U.S. mobile data service revenues jump to $10.6B in Q2

Mobile data service revenues in the U.S. topped $10 billion for the second straight quarter as the wireless data market grew 7 percent in Q2 to $10.6 billion, a 30 percent year-over-year increase. Research firm Chetan Sharma Consulting reports that Verizon Wireless and AT&T experienced the most quarterly growth, topping the 8 percent mark, followed […]

Social Media Marketing

There is so much practical advice in Tamar Weinberg’s new book that I found myself immediately putting her concepts into practice as I read it.  “The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web” provides an overview of the different types of online social media that are available.   It provides practical guidance on how to […]