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Automate the Boring (Sales) Stuff with Python

Automate the Boring (sales) Stuff with Python This is a great book for anyone that is interested in making the transition from learning Python code to actually creating programs that do useful things. The book includes a basic overview of Python. It provides practical examples, starting with how to read and write data to files, […]

How to Build Social Capital– ”Klout Matters” Review

I ran across Terry Brock through a mutual friend on Facebook of all places.  I noticed that we’ve both worked in the telecom / technology industry and both shared an interest in social technologies.  I had done graduated studies as part of the seminal “Birds of a Feather” group at Lehigh.  I saw that Terry […]

Awesome network technology cen…

Awesome network technology center, worth checking out. (@ Verizon Application Innovation Center)

My Top 16 Android Business Apps for the Road

As a sales executive in the technology industry, I spend a fair amount of time out on the road.    I have been pretty active in the mobile application space, so people often ask me what apps that I have on my phone.  Here are the apps on my home page right now. While I have […]

Solution Selling

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mac McLoughlin this week.  Mac was one of the original authors of Solution Selling, a widely used sales methodology.  The Solution Selling method was sold to SPI, but Mac is actively involved in a group that offers training and support. I called Mac and told him that I […]