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Net Neutrality– Who’s informing the public? (or listening to them for that matter?)

I spoke today with Paul Brewer, who is part of the University of Delaware Center for Public Communication.  They conducted an independent opinion poll on net neutrality.  They had been surprised to see that there was almost no research on the subject, even less that had not been sponsored by someone with a position.   […]

Privacy and Social Capital

There was a front page article in the New York Times titled “How Privacy Vanishes Online, a Bit at a Time”.  The story covers some of the risks that are being created as people are increasingly sharing information about themselves online.  I have done some research with Cathy Ridings at Lehigh University studying Facebook profiles, […]

Can a Society Be Too Smart for Its Own Good?

A twine showed up in my in-box this morning that shows Iran’s secret nuclear plant near Qum on Google Earth.  Twine is a pretty cool social news site that allows you to build a news reader network that uses both social and topical relevance to present news.  I like the concept, because that is closer […]