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Bio update @twitter

I’ve had “update Don Holloway on all social media” on my to-do list for months.  It’s been in the perpetual task list noise floor.  Too important to delete, not urgent enough to actually do.   I’ve realized that I needed to break that down into tasks that I can actually do.  <duh> Twitter is an odd […]

Ashley Hendrix–Artist, Educator

I had the joy of speaking with Ashley Hendrix today.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing both her and her work for quite some time.  I’ll be attending her commencement exhibit in a few weeks as she is granted her BFA.  She’ll be spending next year finishing her Masters in Education.  There is no doubt […]

How to Build Social Capital– ”Klout Matters” Review

I ran across Terry Brock through a mutual friend on Facebook of all places.  I noticed that we’ve both worked in the telecom / technology industry and both shared an interest in social technologies.  I had done graduated studies as part of the seminal “Birds of a Feather” group at Lehigh.  I saw that Terry […]

An Embarrassing Start

The start to the CES keynote by Gary Shapiro, the President of CEA was pretty uncomfortable.  He started off by a pretty jingoistic launch focused on how America was the world’s best at innovating, because it’s our culture.  Then he said it wasn’t our culture and that the Democrats (and our President) were messing things […]

Interactive Media in the Mid-Atlantic Region

I confess that I like to start up conversations with strangers. This is especially true if you happen to be stuck next to me on airplanes, trains, or what have you.  On my flight out to the CES show, I sat next to two very different kinds of people, and we were stuck on the […]

Solution Selling

I had the pleasure of speaking with Mac McLoughlin this week.  Mac was one of the original authors of Solution Selling, a widely used sales methodology.  The Solution Selling method was sold to SPI, but Mac is actively involved in a group that offers training and support. I called Mac and told him that I […]

U.S. mobile data service revenues jump to $10.6B in Q2

Mobile data service revenues in the U.S. topped $10 billion for the second straight quarter as the wireless data market grew 7 percent in Q2 to $10.6 billion, a 30 percent year-over-year increase. Research firm Chetan Sharma Consulting reports that Verizon Wireless and AT&T experienced the most quarterly growth, topping the 8 percent mark, followed […]

Social Media Marketing

There is so much practical advice in Tamar Weinberg’s new book that I found myself immediately putting her concepts into practice as I read it.  “The New Community Rules: Marketing on the Social Web” provides an overview of the different types of online social media that are available.   It provides practical guidance on how to […]