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We Were Weirdos

Monty suggested that we go to Mickey’s Dining Car in St. Paul. It would be cool, because Monty has a special kind of discriminating taste. He’s been unapologetically direct with his judgment for as long as I’ve known him. Others had told me that Mickey’s has the best burgers in the twin cities. The story […]

Show-biz flashbacks in Vegas

As I was leaving the CES show and heading towards my car, I was confronted with this traveling billboard. It reminded me of an evening many years ago, when I was attending the NAB show and was invited to see the fabulous Susan Anton and the Rockettes with Martin Noar.  We went to the show, […]

Interactive Media in the Mid-Atlantic Region

I confess that I like to start up conversations with strangers. This is especially true if you happen to be stuck next to me on airplanes, trains, or what have you.  On my flight out to the CES show, I sat next to two very different kinds of people, and we were stuck on the […]

Gracenote debuts MusicID app for iPhone

Sony-owned content and data solutions provider Gracenote’s Gravity Mobile unit announced the launch of its MusicID application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch, promising a comprehensive music discovery guide enabling consumers to identify music, search lyrics and view artist biographies as well as purchase songs via iTunes. Users can search MusicID by inputting the artist […]

Frankenstein’s Line Extension vs. The Innovator

The Consumer Electronics Show is an extremely big show and runs the gamut from cables, accessories, and video games, to cutting edge industrial technology.  It is really fun, especially if you can just walk around and look at things.  This year, I was lucky and got to spend half a day just wandering around.  I […]

Year end fundraising

The Blue Curtain College Fund Foundation raises money to help young people that are interested in sound technology get structured training and put on a college degree path.  The money that is raised is used to help pay for education and guidance counseling. Please help!  We are looking for 100 people to donate $20 each […]

Sounds of Progress

Chrys Lindop is one of the finest audio engineers that I have ever worked with. He is one of the very few that have the combination of excellent technical, creative, and people skills. Chrys has worked with The Pretenders, David Byrne, Stevie Wonder, Ry Cooder, and way too many other acts to mention. He remains […]