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Cloud Storage Prices Reduction

AWS has dropped the pricing of their S3 and Glacier cloud storage by roughly 25%.  They’ve also taken the opportunity to simply and restructure their storage options.  S3, the standard cloud storage offer now has three pricing tiers depending upon your volume of usage.  Glacier is a cheaper storage for use (roughly a third of […]

Net Neutrality – An Accomplishment

The FCC voted yesterday to establish clear rules intended to protect an open internet and promote competition. As an initial reaction, it strikes me that the rules are clear and enforceable.  The full set of written rules has not been published yet. There are clear rules against an internet service provider blocking or throttling traffic.  […]

Net Neutrality– Who’s informing the public? (or listening to them for that matter?)

I spoke today with Paul Brewer, who is part of the University of Delaware Center for Public Communication.  They conducted an independent opinion poll on net neutrality.  They had been surprised to see that there was almost no research on the subject, even less that had not been sponsored by someone with a position.   […]

Ashley Hendrix–Artist, Educator

I had the joy of speaking with Ashley Hendrix today.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing both her and her work for quite some time.  I’ll be attending her commencement exhibit in a few weeks as she is granted her BFA.  She’ll be spending next year finishing her Masters in Education.  There is no doubt […]

Waking the Beast Without a Way to Control It

I was struck today by two seemingly unrelated stories today.  The first was an observation that Dropbox had been "incredibly tonedeaf" in adding Condaleeza Rice to their board given the NSA concerns.  The second story was about LinkedIn showing you open jobs at your own company.  There was some serious public blowback against Dropbox, such […]

EC Decision on Spectrum

Neelie Kroes (@NeelieKroesEU), Vice President of the European Commission’s Digital Agenda announced a decision intended to pave the way for broader 4G spectrum availability. Full text of the decision can be found here. My summary is that spectrum (1920-1980 MHz paired with 2110-2170 MHz) that was originally authorized for 3G in 1999, will be allowed […]

Awesome network technology cen…

Awesome network technology center, worth checking out. (@ Verizon Application Innovation Center)

I don’t mind saying I’m worried

Two things have happened over the last couple of weeks that really got my attention.  The first was someone in Greece hacking into my PayPal account which caused $200 to be pulled out of my bank account. I hadn’t really given much thought to having my bank account tied to Paypal. The incident got me […]

A Systems Approach to Social Customer Interactions

I worked on the Birds of a Feather project at Lehigh University with some really bright folks.  I got involved with the project at the request of Verizon, who wanted to better understand some of the business value that social networking technologies could deliver.  One of the projects that I worked on was to create […]

HTML5 Mobile Web Development

HTML5 first made my radar screen when Steve Jobs used it as the rationale for not including support for Adobe Flash on iPhones and iPads.  I had worked with a graphic typesetting programs that used font tagging before the first iteration of HTML. A good friend of mine, Chuck Musciano, wrote one of the first […]