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Year end fundraising

The Blue Curtain College Fund Foundation raises money to help young people that are interested in sound technology get structured training and put on a college degree path.  The money that is raised is used to help pay for education and guidance counseling. Please help!  We are looking for 100 people to donate $20 each […]

Different Courses for Different Horses

It is so much easier to think that there is a single right career path that is best for everyone. It would mean though, that we all develop the same way, have the same goals, and that things won’t change over time.  That hasn’t been my experience, however. We all learn differently, mature emotionally on […]

Blue Curtain College Fund

Sounds of Progress

Chrys Lindop is one of the finest audio engineers that I have ever worked with. He is one of the very few that have the combination of excellent technical, creative, and people skills. Chrys has worked with The Pretenders, David Byrne, Stevie Wonder, Ry Cooder, and way too many other acts to mention. He remains […]