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Birds of a Feather

We had a great kickoff meeting tonight for the Birds of a Feather project that we are working on at Enterprise Systems Center at Lehigh University. It was a solid evening, we had a great mix of the business and academic communities. We had people from Air Products, Northrop-Grumman, PeopleForce, and dozens of other businesses. The idea behind Birds of a Feather is to do a study focused on the business value that can be created through establishing collaborative networks, and the tools that can support the transition to it.

My presentation was focused on the value that can be delivered to a business by expanding its network to include an extended collaborative community. How can the value be measured? If you are interested, send me a note and I’ll send you the presentation slides, there are only 7 of them and they are very early stages. I am looking for as much good input and feedback as possible.


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