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Cloud Storage Prices Reduction

AWS has dropped the pricing of their S3 and Glacier cloud storage by roughly 25%.  They’ve also taken the opportunity to simply and restructure their storage options.  S3, the standard cloud storage offer now has three pricing tiers depending upon your volume of usage.  Glacier is a cheaper storage for use (roughly a third of […]

We Were Weirdos

Monty suggested that we go to Mickey’s Dining Car in St. Paul. It would be cool, because Monty has a special kind of discriminating taste. He’s been unapologetically direct with his judgment for as long as I’ve known him. Others had told me that Mickey’s has the best burgers in the twin cities. The story […]

Automate the Boring (Sales) Stuff with Python

Automate the Boring (sales) Stuff with Python This is a great book for anyone that is interested in making the transition from learning Python code to actually creating programs that do useful things. The book includes a basic overview of Python. It provides practical examples, starting with how to read and write data to files, […]

Terry Pratchett

I smiled when I heard that Terry Pratchett had passed away.  I don’t think that any writer has made me laugh out loud as much as he has.  It was followed by sadness, as I truly had a sense that he understood what was going on in between my ears. I feel that I’ve lost […]

Net Neutrality – An Accomplishment

The FCC voted yesterday to establish clear rules intended to protect an open internet and promote competition. As an initial reaction, it strikes me that the rules are clear and enforceable.  The full set of written rules has not been published yet. There are clear rules against an internet service provider blocking or throttling traffic.  […]

A “Proof of Principles” Moment

I love my country and I love the principles that my country stands for.  We believe in individual freedom.  We believe in free speech.  We believe in limited powers of government.  We believe that you are innocent until proven guilty.  When I was 16, I spent a summer living in France.  This was not long […]

Collecting your Diary

A couple of things conspired to make me think it was time to make sure that I’m capturing and keeping my own data.  I’ve been keeping a self hosted WordPress site for many years, but frankly, rarely update it.  I tend to think of it as appropriate for long form writing with no actual audience.  […]

Net Neutrality– Who’s informing the public? (or listening to them for that matter?)

I spoke today with Paul Brewer, who is part of the University of Delaware Center for Public Communication.  They conducted an independent opinion poll on net neutrality.  They had been surprised to see that there was almost no research on the subject, even less that had not been sponsored by someone with a position.   […]

Bio update @twitter

I’ve had “update Don Holloway on all social media” on my to-do list for months.  It’s been in the perpetual task list noise floor.  Too important to delete, not urgent enough to actually do.   I’ve realized that I needed to break that down into tasks that I can actually do.  <duh> Twitter is an odd […]

Just Don’t Ever Say No to Yourself

Had I known of Chris Matthews’ history as a speechwriter, I might not have been better prepared for the best commencement speech that I’ve ever heard.  After some local color, he got to his focus, “I want to speak about what I’ve learned all these years watching this country’s leaders–not about the politics that so […]